I Should Have Known That! Yes Or No

I Should Have Known That! Yes Or No

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From Sweden, Hygge games are perfect for parties!

Does an orange float in water? Can you be allergic to a hairless cat? Does Transylvania really exist? Is C the letter between V and N on a keyboard?


This edition of the smash hit trivia game I should have known that!.. is filled with more than 400 addictively entertaining Yes or No questions about things that you should know. Sound like a piece of cake? You’ll be surprised how baffling even the easiest questions can be when you don’t have Google at your fingertips! This fast-paced, hilarious game guarantees nonstop brain freezes, belly laughs, and desperate guesses. One thing is for sure: it will only be a matter of time before you hear yourself say… Doh!… I should have known that!

Hygge Games make a great gift too ... whether it's for a birthday, holiday gift, White Elephant, or gift for someone at work.